New SSD: Trouble accessing existing hdd's

I just bought an SSD drive to speed up basic operations. Before the SSD I was booting off of 2 HDD drives in RAID0. I installed Win 7 on the SSD with HDD unplugged. When I boot with the SSD I cannot play my games. When I click on a game launcher it gives me an error code and says to reinstall. So I went into the RAID0 drive where the game was installed and tried to load the game from there, same error. But, when I boot with the RAID drives, I can play all the games no promblem. I'm new at this so I must be doing something wrong. Is there anyway to keep my games on the HDD's and play them from my SSD?
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  1. if the data on the hard drives is smaller then the ssd you can try a disk clone of your data to the ssd. nost ssd give you that tool for free. the problem is the registry and the game. all the pointer are to the old drive c. when you installed windows on your ssd it has no of the registry info for the games. also the game is looking for itself on the c drive and not d.
  2. You're in a difficult spot. You're RAID0 array was setup as a boot device and you're new SSD is also set up as a boot device. Your applications in your RAID0 array are associated with the OS installation in the RAID0 array and not with the OS installation on your new SSD.

    You could do as smorizio has suggested if the amount of space used by the RAID0 array is smaller than the size of the new SSD. Then you could re-create the RAID0 array on the 2 HDDs, reformat and use the space as fast disk.
  3. Too much info on the Raid drives. Is there any way I can set this up the way I want to? Im
    just having trouble understanding how this works. I'm sure this is a common thing; putting a new SSD drive into an existing system as a boot upgrade. Did I mess up by not transferring the OS on the Raid drives to the SSD? Is there a way I can reverse it?
  4. Basically your issue is that the games were installed to the C drive which used to be your raid. Now you are on your SSD wich is the C drive so when you try to launch a game it is looking for it on your C drive (the SSD as the system changed the letter of your RAID). My recomendation would be to reinstall the games either on the SSD or wipe the RAID and reinstall them there. It is a pain but I found it has the least issues in the long run.

    Steam is especially bad for this so if that is your game launcher you will be fighting it without a reinstall.

  5. If I migrate the data from my RAID drives to a large hdd, will I be able to reinstall that data back onto the RAID drives after they are formated?
  6. THe data yes but I would plan on reinstalling any applications that are currently installed on the RAID.

  7. ^+1
  8. I was hoping I didn't have to do that. Thank you everyone for all the help.
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