How to Adjust Resolution Above Monitor Native

Hi, i recently bought a tv for my pc . It is samsung synchmaster 2333HD . It supports resolutions up to 1880p (1920 x 1080).

Is it possilbe to apply a resolution that is higher than the native (1080p) ???

i have heard that some buggy graphics card drivers could apply higher resolutions. of course the monitor would not actually show more pixels because that is not possible
but icons and everything would appear smaller , like you had applied a bigger resolution.

do you know if those drivers really exist ?? if they exist where can i find them???

thanks in advance fo your help.
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  1. That would be if they still exist on some really shady website that will attempt to give you a virus during your visit. Why would you want drivers that could go above your TV's 1080p when the hardware can' support it, not to mention you could damage it to the point that it's no longer under warrenty.
  2. For some CRT Monitors yes, for LCD & Plasma no, the native for those are actually the number of PHYSICAL pixels, you can't go over that.
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