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Need a 50 ft ethernet cable to run a connection from my wireless router downstairs to my new desktop I'm getting built upstairs. Went to the store only to see that charging a ridiculous $48 for this at staples. Saw that there are plenty of them on newegg for anywhere from $10-25. Any recommendations on the 'best' one? Not sure if there is really a difference between them other than like durability but figured I'd give it a shot on here and see if anyone has any recommendations. In the store, one box said a Cat 6 was twice as fast as a Cat 5 or something, not sure if that's even true or what the differences really are, but any help is much appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. Yeah it is ridiculous the prices the local stores charge for these cables -- you will want either cat5e (not just cat5 which is the slower spec) or cat6 but other than that the maker is not really important for the most part they will be nearly identical from Newegg it seems the AMC cat5e cable is the cheapest when you include shipping and the reviews all suggest it is well made and works properly so would be a good choice - It also has the snagless connectors on the end which helps when pulling through walls\ceilings so it doesn't break off.
  2. http://www.monoprice.com/products/search.asp?keyword=50%27+ethernet

    Take your pick in color. All under $5 for cat5e. Shipping is pretty cheap too on most things.
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