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Hello, Nvidia opengl cards is good for VFX and for gaming or ATI card s will be better . give some list of cards and price list.
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  1. Um any card that can be used for gaming as that's the point of a graphics card. However if you plan to run anything in HD at really high quality you're looking to spend upwards of $200 to get the latest and the greatest. Nvidia recently released the GTX 470 and 480 but it'll be until April when you actually can but them and it will probably be for $399 and $500. ATI's offering are the Radeon HD, 5850, 5870, and the 5970. The '50 is around $250, the 5870 between $400 and $500 and the 5970 around $700. By the way do you need the newest or is last generation good enough?
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