Which PC should I get?

I am going to purchase a computer in about 20 days, and I would like to have opinions. The main use of the comp will be GAMING (conviction, assassins creed 2, bioshock, etc.), at 1650*1024, with all turned on high :).
So, the thing is I cant decide between these 3 options:

1. "INTEL X58 I7 920 1.0Tb/8GB RAM ATI 5770" @1060 EUR

2. "INTEL i7 930 6GB RAM ATI 5870 1GB USB 3.0" @1250 EUR

3."i7 920 - ATI 5850 - GA-EX-58 - 6GB RAM -1TB" @1190 EUR

Please help me decide, I am searching for something "future proof", as in not having to touch anything for the following years and all games running in smoothly, and of course a relationship "quality-price", that's why I put the prices (they are in EUROS).

All opinions are welcome
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  2. If its just for gaming i would go AMD 955 and buy the best GPU you can, but @ your rez the HD 5850 would be fine.

    Your option 2 has the best GPU if it was me i would go with that one.
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