Huntkey x7 900w and GTX 480

Hello guys

I'm a little novice in the PSU stuff

So I'm planning to get a GTX 480 from EVGA in two weeks

I Wonder if this 900w PSU will do the job (which is the only one available in here)

one of my friends told that their would be problems with the amps of this PSU which is 18 amp

Any Ideas? Detailed answer will be much appreciated
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  1. 8 pin to 8(4+4) pin for CPU

    1 x (8 pin to (6+2) pin +6 pin PCI Express)

    1 x (8 pin to (6+2) pin +(6+2) pin )
  2. thx for the answer buddy

    also would this one do the job for the my rig (with GTX 480)

    for the 8 pin required by the card I'll use the 2molex to 6pin adapter which comes with it. It's safe right?

    I'm planning this rig:
    gigabyte ga-x58a-ud3r
    core i7 920 D0
    6GB RAM 1600
    EVGA GeForce GTX 480

    waiting for ur answer
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