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I have 80gb external hard disk. Recently while copying files from win 7, the USB cable was accidently removed. After this happened, win 7 takes long time to recognise the ext hdd . But does not show up the files or folders. Running chkdsk /f does not show up anything for a long time. After several hours it puts out a message saying the filesystem is RAW. I also tried accessing the files using UBUNTU, but no success so far. Any help greatly appreciated
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  1. Unplugging during a write usually corrupts the file allocation table. I would just reformat it and avoid disconnecting during writes. If you connect and disconnect a lot consider FAT32 instead of NTFS, as NTFS can sometimes delay writes a little longer and you may disconnect too soon.

    Sometimes the drive can be difficult to reformat. If you cannot partition the drive in disk management then format, you may need the manufacturer tools to fix the drive -- what brand?
  2. What brand is the hard drive.

    you can try to recover the partition with todo backup recovery or arconis emergency recovery
  3. @ Realbest : Thanks for the reply. I have some crucial data on the HDD and would prefer recovering the files prior to formatting.The HDD is a Hitachi make.

    @dextermat : I will surely try that. Thanks for the replpy

    More to add to my problem, when the ext HDD connected, the disk management shows up "connecting to virtual disk service" and does not proceed. And whenever the HDD is plugged in and I launch any recovery software, it stalls. The recovery application window appears only after I removed the USB cable of HDD.
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