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So, for those who were helping me choose, I went for a powercolor radeon hd 5670 and it's working a treat so far...apart from one small issue, which seems common, the atikmdag crash.

In my case, it doesn't crash the system, but everything becomes very choppy and yucky. It only happens when I'm watching videos. Which is a bummer, because I'm slowly building a HTPC.

Anyway, I'd uninstalled the drivers and Catalyst CC, and now I'm reinstalling catalyst, from the latest download, having seperately installed the drivers.

BUT, on trying to reinstall catalyst, I've got a tick box for ATI Display Driver. Surely I can untick this because I've already installed the latest?

Cheers guys
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  1. Go into your control panel and add/remove programs. Choose the Catalyst install manager then Express uninstall ALL ATI software. After that restart your pc and reinstall the latest catalyst.
  2. Hi

    Thanks, but I've done this, now I'm trying to reinstall it, but I've realised what it's wanting to wants to update the driver, because I've not got the latest one, but this is my issue...

    I'm not sure whether to install it, because it could cause a the atikmdag problem...

    Meh, no harm in trying, guess I can always roll back if needs be.
  3. Oh, just a quick question, should I uninstall the current driver before updating?

    I'm reluctant, I spent about an hour this morning wondering why the hell the installer couldn't run the detection driver. I ended up having to manual search for drivers on the CD.
  4. Just install it, it should be fine.
  5. Driver CDs should always be ignored in favor of the latest drivers available online.
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