PC Won't Start Up Correctly

My PC Won't Start up at all. I hear fans kick on but then it goes to the windows screen, then goes to either a blue checkdisk screen or a black screen telling me it didn't shut down properly and I can pick an option on how to start back up again. No matter what option I pick it still won't start up. It just repeats from the windows screen to the black screen. Any suggestions?? I don't really know too much about this stuff either.
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  1. During posting, see if you can press the f6 key and use safe mode. Try the windows "restore" program and go back to a previous installation before your last update. It may work.
  2. Make sure all the cables are properly connected and inside the case is free from dust.
    If all things you've tried are failed, then you might want to consider re-install windows...
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