Restoring Windows 7 without a restore point (I do have a Win7 Disc)

Like the title says.

Before I had my current PC I used a cheap little Acer I got at Best Buy that served me well over the years. It's got some age on it though and it runs very slowly by now. I wiped it clean as best as I could, running antiviruses and ad aware, but it still feels very slow. With my new PC I bought a copy of Windows 7 ( this thing: ), and I was wondering if I could use this disc to help me restore my Acer to it's original state. I know I can't actually format the drive and use it to install a fresh Win 7 on it, but can I just perform a restore with it?

I tried to use restore points but I must have just... not put any, because it tells me I have none.
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  1. If the machine reaches the minimum spec you could install to it within the licence limitations. But personally I would put a Linux dist on it (free), would run fast again and just as good as windows but no virus worries. I recommend Linux Mint 14 Mate or Cinnamon.
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