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I have an intel quadcore q6600 processor @ 2,4 Ghz with a stock cooler. (It came with my dell computer).
About 3 weeks ago, dell replaced my motherboard (including cpu, videocard and ram). its a NON dusty motherboard so my pc doesnt have really dust on it.
The thing is that the temperature on idle of my cpu is around (all cores) 44-50. To be honest, the weather outside is around 27 degrees which is abnormal in my country.

Anyways, is 44-50 hot for a q6600 processor? Its a G0 serie. So a: intel quadcore q6600 G0 @ 2.4 ghz.

Thank you so much.
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  1. Your temps are in the normal range, albeit on the upper end. Are you measuring temp at idle or when using heavily (like playing a game)?

    How warm is the room your computer is located in? Does your PC sit in the open or is it enclosed in a cabinet?

    Last, verify that your fans/heatsinks are clean. Regardless, sounds like you are ok. Good luck!
  2. You temps are normal...
    Try to open your side case and see whether that makes your temps cooling down.
  3. Thank you all for your comments.

    I just opened the case of my desktop and there is absolutely no dust in the fans of the CPU. I cleaned the fans that are upfront in the case (which ''suck'' ( :p ) up the fresh air). That seemed to work pretty good because the temperature is now a bit lower.

    I also notice that (i live in Holland where the weather changes every hour), when its raining, the temperatures go drop some degrees.

    Anyways, the temperature on idle is now at the moment 37-45. Sometimes when I startup my browser, they hit the 49-50 degrees. But then go back.

    Thank you all.
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