Thuban 1055t or a phenon ii x4 965

Hey guys i was looking into building a new computer for gaming and was wondering it i should go with a thuban 1055t or a phenon ii X4 965. I have not got a motherboard selected yet.
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    Well, if you plan on overclocking and you feel confident in your components to overclock without an unlocked multiplier then the 1055T is a great deal, and is very overclockable.

    However take note that only a couple games actually benefit from more than 4 cores, and even then the gain isn't too significant, usually. So they may not help too much today but they may in the future. And 50% more cores for 30% more cost is quite a bargain IMO.
  2. If your running stock speeds, the 965 will perform better due to higher clock speeds. If you plan to overclock, the 1055T is the better processor.
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  4. ok thanks
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