Core2Duo SU7300 Vs Core i5-430M Dual Core

I need a new laptop .I am trying to decide between HP tm2t and dm4t laptops.
the major difference between these(that I am concerned with) are the processors. tm2t has the SU7300 and the tm4t has Core i5 . how does these two compare in performance? Is there a big difference when used in the real world?
Also I never really got the difference between core2duo and dual-core. why are the newer i5's labeled duel-core's?

to put things in context:
This will be my primary laptop (don't own a desktop) and I will be using it for school work and as well as for entertainment. As for software I need to run , Visual Studio, Photoshop, and maybe some video encoding once in a while. Also I usually have have a Linux VM(virtual box) running in seamless mode, and Firefox open with lots (30+ :wahoo: )tabs.

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  1. Hello racerX007;

    There is a large performance difference between the 2 CPUs. The SU7300 belong to the class of CPUs called CULV (consumer ultra low voltage) which is geared toward long battery life instead of maximum processing power.

    Passmark CPU benchkmarks:
    Intel SU7300 @ 1.30GHz = 982
    Intel Core i5 M 430 @ 2.27GHz = 2384

    NotebookCheck Benchmark list. Compare the 2 CPUs by choosing #186 and #207 Su7300 and then use the Restrict option.

    Intel Core i5-430M review

    Dual core is just a descriptive term for a CPU with two cores. Core 2 Duo is an Intel Trademark name (like Pentium was).
    Core 2 Duo notebook processer
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