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Hello, today I started up my computer and it did a long beep, about 3 seconds long, I looked up on this same site on what I should do, I followed instructions to take everything out and power up adding one peice of hardwear at a time, it then did 1 long beep and 2 short wich i understand is a gfx or ram faliur, later on when I had put everything back into the pc it started up everything was working but there was no bios beep, this has left me quite confused, It was working perfectly fine when I was using it yesterday and has been for the last 3 years, does anyone have any sugestions on what I should do?

my computer info is:
Motherboard: asus PSN-E SLI
Power suply:HEC-550TD-PTE
Prosessor: Intel quad core
Graffix: winfast PX 8600 GT
Sound: Soundblaster creative FX model nimber SB0730

I had the computer with windows vista on but when windows 7 came out I had it upgraded
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  1. PSU's do go, a computer that is 3 years old that would be the first thing i would look at.
  2. On normal boot up one short beep is for the VGA card is present, Re seat the Graphics card.

    You get no beep but dose the PC boot up.
  3. yesterday, it hung on the splash screen 1st time I booted so doing what a normal computer user would do I thought it had crashed so rebooted thats were I started having all the problems ( sorry forgot to mention in my first post) the PC does not boot up atall it just sort of well... the fanns and everything start up and i can hear my hard drives working away as they should be, the hard drive light is constantly on but it just shows no sign on life on the monitor, I will try reseating the graffix card and will get back to you
  4. just a question.... i have plugged the PC in today and sometimes it will recognise there is power going to it and sometimes it will not I unplug the power and plug it back in several times it will work do you think in this case it will be the power suply or is there something else that would cause this possably?
  5. thanks for your help guys, have solved the problem it is infact a dead PCU
  6. Great.
    Yes the Power supply could cause your problem.
    You should check all the the connection of the power supply cables going to the mother board. the Main 20/24 pin connection is required to be connected for the power supply to power up. Two of the pins must be connected together for the power supply to work, they get connected when plugged into the motherboard.
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