New hard drive for games and storage.


Built my first pc today it has a 128gb ssd for boot which is really quick,but i dont want to put many of my games on there so what drive will people recommend for games,

i also want a drive for films should i put the games on one and storage for music and films on another?

Will hard drive prices reduce any time soon?

ive been looking at 3 drives a 500gb and two 1tb drives or a samsung spinpoint f3

any advice would be great

thanks in advance.
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  1. Both the WD Black and the Samsung Spin point F3 are great drives.
  2. okay but would there be much difference in performance?
  3. Hard drive prices are up due to flooding in Thailand last year that severely damaged factories. Last article I read stated that hard drive prices are going to be relatively high until 2014.

    1 TB should be plenty of space for both games and music. There really isn't much of a reason to separate them.
  4. yeah i doubted it would be any time soon, i wish it was back to 40 quid for a 1tb spinpoint.

    will the performance difference between them be worth the £20 difference?
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