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Corsair Dominator vs XMS3

Hi guys, I have a small question, is there a big difference between these 2 RAM types?

Corsair Dominator 12GB:
Amazon Price:

Corsair XMS3 12GB:
Amazon Price:

I've checked the tech specs, and both rams can run at 1600Mhz, dominator latency is less though, but, the price between these 2 packages is almost twice dominator than the XMS3, and I'm looking for buying one of those, I will not overclock my RAM, I will have it working at 1600Mhz with the XMP profile, so what do you recommend?...

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  1. The Dominator GT comes with Airflow, has better times and are one of the best for overclock. What do you want do with the rig? Because unless that you use many adobe applications at the same time, 12GB are overkill for now.
  2. If you plan on using any of the two as stock speed, then there is probably no point in paying twice as much for the Dominator, it won't perform better.
  3. The airflow fan will interfere w/ most aftermarket CPU coolers...a problem if you plan on OC'ing.

    You'll be better off with 3 x 4GB than 6 x 2 GB.

    These are $175
  4. My vote is NONE OF THE ABOVE! The Most Efficient is 3X4GB Kits.

    Corsair Dominator GT 12 GB (3 x 4GB) DDR3 2000MHz CMT12GX3M3A2000C9

    All RAM for your MOBO ->
  5. Dominator is still overpriced unless you are a hardcore overclocker or have really base casing ventilation (at which point you can probably buy a better case with the price difference anyway!).
  6. The only things that I'm planning to do is playing, in fact I think that 12GB could be too much RAM for just playing and using Photoshop, illustrator and Dreamweaver, besides, I won't be using this programs too much, just for university homeworks.

    And I will be using the RAM at stock speeds, the only thing that I will use is the XMP profile. Thats why I thought that it doesn't make any sense buying a Dominator or Dominator GT RAM if I wont be oveclocking them.

    Right now I have 6GB of Dominator RAM DDR3, as it say in my specs down below, but I thought that maybe, if I wont be overclocking any of my RAM, I could sell the ones that I have and buy a 12GB pack of Corsair XMS3, or just stick with my 6GB of Dominator

    What do you guys think?...

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    The 'cheapest' yet still effective way to get 12GB is to get another set of the 3X2GB Corsair Dominator that you already have installed; EXACT part number.

    You need 12GB IF the images are HUGE. A good indicator is to open the a-typical plus some more Apps + Files --> if the RAM usage is >70% then yep more RAM will indeed help. {Used Physical RAM}:

    Also, IF you are OC'ing the CPU and/or stressing the System with '6X2GB' then it would too be a good idea to get a RAM Fan if your case has no side fan(s).
  8. If you want the best, get some Super Talent with Elpida Hypers. Before that, Corsair, Crucial and G.Skill ca give your the best performance.
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