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Can you please help me finding good home pc with latest technology but not hell expensive approx budget may be around 1k USD or slightly more. I have LCD and all other stuff, just need to build nice, strong CPU.

My major requirement will be:

• Tonnes of pictures
• Tonnes of music
• Tonnes of Video (family + movies)
• Average usage of games
• Average use of graphic and web applications
• Occasional use of 3D softwares like Maya or 3DS Max

I think I need about 2 TB hard disk space out of which into 2 separate HD of 1 TB each, so that I can backup whole hard disk every month manually.

I need 32 bit config, as I have loads of software that I cant afford to upgrade to 64 bit.

Need good latest CPU, Motherboard, Ram and Graphic card suggestion from you expert people out there. Thanks in advance guys.

In Toms Hardware language


BUDGET RANGE: $1000 upper limit at the very most of $1200

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Video editing, gaming, graphic designing, Home videos and pics storage

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: Monitor, keyboard, mouse

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: anywhere, wherever its cheapest.


PARTS PREFERENCES: Nothing, need suggestion with pros and cons (if poss). As my last PC was PIII and that is dead since 3 year back, im living on Core 2 Duo laptop (Strong one)

OVERCLOCKING: dont know whats that
SLI OR CROSSFIRE: dont know whats that

MONITOR RESOLUTION: 1400 something, i dont mind upgrading in future if i have to for better gaming experience or watching videos.

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: I don't need the top of the line, brand new stuff. I just need affordable parts. i want as a minimum of 4GB of ram preferably in DDR3, around 1333 or 1600 Mhz
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  1. You might want to consider this also :
    I consider this because, it looks like that you will use the PC mainly for Video editing, graphic designing, Home videos and pics storage using also 3D softwares like Maya or 3DS Max.

    The only problem is those links we have given you can not serve you in Dubai and I am currently living in Europe and don't know anything about the pricing and item availability in Dubai.
    So...you can only use our current recommendation only as reference..
  2. Thanks guys for ur help, i knw these price and product may not be available here. As a reference these things are great.

    One quick question that i have seen in I5 listed above: it says support 64 bit: yes. Does that mean its 32 bit proc, but also support 64? or it only support 64?

    Double checking this as i cant afford to run 64 bit machine, due to lot software support issue.
  3. ^ Yes it also supports 64-bit...
    All of the current CPUs are 64-bit and also support 32-bit...
    and also dont get a workstation card...stick with the desktop card as you will also be gaming...
  4. do u mind explaining whats the diff of desktop and workstation card????

    Its really above my level, but sounds interesting that i need to be educated of.

    Card means processor u mean? Thanks, man.
  5. ^ Workstation cards have different firmwares/ drivers(software needed to run the card) optimized for working with pro 3D software - they produce results which concentrate more on rendering the image accurately than to produce the results fast.
    In desktop cards, it is other way around - Speed is more important than the quality of the image produced as you know for gaming, its how much FPS the cards put out...
    Generally the basic hardware is same, but the software, firmware and the drivers make the difference...
    Hope I dint confuse you...
    And card I meant graphics card...
  6. Hmmm...I have been thinking...hmmmm....
    Yup! I take the FireGL V7700 recommendation out of the topic!
    I got also the second but bigger impression that you will probably do more gaming in the near future.

    The difference between workstation and desktop GPUs (simplified) :
    Workstation GPU : specialized for working like CAD, Maya, etc. but not very good or bad for gaming.
    Desktop GPU: better for gaming but not optimized for professional application.
    For watching movies and looking fotos...no problem for both...
  7. Hmm. you guys are really educating me now. Thanks a lot guys.

    Will def rem these tips of choosing desktop card than workstation card.

    And ya you are right ill be gaming more and sometime using 3D application, as in my office i am about to get dedicated 3d rendering monster soon so no need to bring work home. lol.

    Hey, just a thought if i upgrade I5 to I7, rest all the components remain same or do i need anything special to have I7 (money wise). Thinking of waiting a bit more and upgrading budget to afford I7.

    Is that the only processor cost difference i need to consider or something else too?
  8. Before getting other recommendation on proc or mobo alternatives...
    I think you should check the prices of the recommended components first than tell us if you are already overbudget or if you still have free room.
    As said, we are not familar with the prices in Dubai.
    Prices is newegg which we have given you are unrealistic for me here in europe. Almost all components are at least 30% more expensive. I can not use newegg as price reference.
  9. @gkhanna

    The i5 build above will run you about AED 3600-3850 (~ USD 1000) from a few vendors at Al Ain Center in Dubai. I built a very similiar machine in December at the price. I used Trinity Infotech and AL Ershad computers to source the parts. (well I think those are the names.)

    The difference in game performance between the i5 and i7 is nominal and you will need a motherboard that supports the LGA1366 socket. I would suggest getting the ATI Radeon 5850 instead of the ATI Radeon 5770 with the extra cash.

    As for the operating system you can run 32bit applications on a 64bit operating system. I would strongly suggest that you get the 64-bit OS as it will allow you to expand above the 4GB cap of a 32-bit OS.
  10. mark3186, thnx for ur reply. About the budget i can stretch upto 5k aed = 1362 USD as im building PC after 5 years and expect it to run for next 5 years with lot of responsibilities (movie+gaming+music+pics& videos etc).

    Abt I5 and I7 dont knw diff, but if its slightly more then i would get and research for I7 as it give me satistaction that i have gone for the latest. But yeah again, you techy and expert ppl can advise that difference in price of I5 - I7 is worth the performance in my case or not.

    Well my thinking is based on name sake I7 is cooler than I5. lol.
  11. Spoke to trinity and here are the pricing and spec suggested by them for I7

    I7 930 socket 1366, 2.8ghz (quad core) recom 1100 300 USD

    ASUS rampage 2 extreme supports 12gb (6 slots), 1395 380 USD

    DDR 3, 2000 mhz (OCZ & corsair) 6 gb 875 238 USD

    Radeon HD 4870, 1gb DDR 5 775 211 USD
    NVIDI GTX 275, 896mb DDR3 1100 300 USD

    1 TB seagate rpm 7200 x 2units 640 175 USD

    ATX case thermal take, full tower, model bash VX 650 177 USD

    Power supply, 1000 w, thermal take 925 252 USD
    Fujitec 1000 w, 625 170 USD

    window 7 prof, 64 bit. 550 149 USD

    Any comments on specs recommendation and pricing guys, or any suggestion to safely cut some corner to bring it around 1300 USD, its currently coming to 1654 USD

    I was shocked with casing and power supply rates, is it necessary to have 1000w here ?????
  12. I7 930 socket 1366, 2.8ghz (quad core) recom 1100 300 USD
    I think I7 920 is enough if you still want to stick with I7

    ASUS rampage 2 extreme supports 12gb (6 slots), 1395 380 USD
    Can you check how much is Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD3R X58 in your place, this should be a lot cheaper but with about the same quality (or perhaps even better)

    DDR 3, 2000 mhz (OCZ & corsair) 6 gb 875 238 USD
    How much is the G.Skill DDR3 1600MHz CL7or 1333MHz CL7?

    Radeon HD 4870, 1gb DDR 5 775 211 USD
    NVIDI GTX 275, 896mb DDR3 1100 300 USD
    Both of them will belong to the museum very soon. Get HD5850 or if you want something cheaper, get HD5770. try to find from HIS, Shappire, ASUS, Gigabyte, MSI or XFX

    1 TB seagate rpm 7200 x 2units 640 175 USD
    Get only 1 TB F3 Samsung or 7200.12 from seagate.

    ATX case thermal take, full tower, model bash VX 650 177 USD
    You might want also to check Coolermaster CM690 or Antec 300

    Power supply, 1000 w, thermal take 925 252 USD
    Fujitec 1000 w, 625 170 USD
    if you want only 1 GPU, 550-650W should be enough.
    You will need about 750W for 2xHD5850.
    Get the one from Corsair.

    window 7 prof, 64 bit. 550 149 USD
    No need to go pro, get home premium instead.
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