Seagate issue

tried a previous post with no response. Hoping however someone has the time to at lease steer me in the right direction.
Seagate Goflex portable drive is no longer recognized by "My Computer" Had to do a complete reformat of computer for unrelated issue and still not being recognized.
Device manager shows Seagate as does Bios.
Device manager however shows drive as having full capacity available I think. Can anyone suggest anything to at least get me heading in the correct direction.
Currently running windows XP sp3 (old compter however up till last week drive had been working - 2 years)
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  1. Right click my computer select manage/storage/ disk manager and see if you can assign a drive letter for it!
  2. Thanks Rolli59.

    The drive was previously listed as "Local Drive F", was able to change it to "G" however, it is now listed as "Local Drive G" instead in My Computer.

    Everywhere seems to see the drive except properly except in My Computer and Disk Management where it is simply listed as "Local Drive G"

    Any additional direction would be appreciated as this is an area where my age is not an advantage.

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