GA-880GA-UD3H POST Problems

Just built a new PC around this mobo. Had lots of problems. First it would not recognise my new HD and so I could not format it in order to load Windows. I somehow (still don't know how) managed to get it to 'see' the HD. But now the problem is that everytime the system restarts it goes into an endless loop between the CD-ROM drive (an old Sony IDE based machine) and the HDD. The HDD light is on continuously. I have to hit the reset button for it to post from the beginning and I then hear the beep.

It is making me go crazy. What could it be?

Second problem, everytime I start I am losing my wireless capability. I am using a D-Link DWA140 USB adapter on a Wireless G router. I t had been working fine on my older machine and still does when I plug it in to the old machine. The Gigabyte mobo seems to be kicking it off. Everytime I have to uninstall the drivers and reinstall. Pain!!!! Pls help if anyone has similar problems or knows solution.

Third problem, everytime I connect my D-Link USB adapter a message appears that it is a Hi-Speed device that could work faster if I used a USB 2.0 connector. I thought all the mobo USB connectors on the board were USB 2.0 or 3.0 (blue ones). WHy does this message appear?

Following is my system:

Corsair DDR3 (4GB) on two sticks - memtest shows it to be fine
Windows XP Home Edition - SP3
WD 500GB on SATA3 connector
Sony DVD-ROM and Sony DVD-RW read/write burner
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    You've got multiple problems but i saw you posted this comment on my question
    'I have the sme question about AHCI and I do have a SATA 3 drive, the WD 500GN Caviar Blue on SATA 6GB (which I belive is the SATA 3 standard speed). I have the same issue in that I am having to run at native IDE because my HDD is not recognised oterwise. What gives?'

    I still have not figured out my question but I came across this in another forum, about how to set up an SSD on this motherboard in AHCI mode. Maybe you can get your answer here, but unfortunately the final solution was settled off the forum so we don't know all the details.
    I hope my URL paste here is active and links you to the forum.
  2. ok folks, my bad. my paste of the url above isn't active. I'll read the forum directions about how to do this.
  3. All it took was a simple cut & paste of the address to a browser.

    I think there are more drivers that need to be loaded for AHCI. And it's a little more complicated with XP. Maybe some of these other comp wizzes here know the correct procedures. Good luck!
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