Best way to utilize extra SSD?

I ended up with an extra 120GB Kingston HyperX SSD -- I thought I could use Intel Smart Response SSD caching for my mechanical data drive, but it turns out I cannot because the Intel feature only works to speed the boot drive. My Windows drive is already on an Intel 520 Series 240GB SSD.

I'd rather not have to sell my Kingston SSD. What would be the best way to put it to good use? My motherboard is the Asus Sabertooth Z77 and the SSDs are on the 6GB/s ports. The Windows drive is using about 50% of the 240GB SSD, and I have a 600GB WD Raptor data drive also about half full.. plus the blank Kingston 120GB SSD.

Should I put the Windows virtual memory store and browser temp files etc. on the extra SSD even though there is still plenty of space on the SSD for the OS? In other words, is there an increase in performance by directing some of the data transfer to another SATA channel vs. piping it all through the same channel port?
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    Smart Response is for teeny SSD's

    Finally, another feature of a Z68 chipset is known as SSD caching which is where it allows the use of a small (say 10 or 20 GB) Solid state hard drive to act as a cache for a larger ‘traditional’ hard disk. If you are already planning the use of a Solid State drive this feature is redundant.

    Any potential usage in a hot swap bay for moving large files or system images quickly ?

    Back up boot drive in case 1st bites the dust ?

    Game storage ?
  2. Game storage, I would say. Most people don't want to install games onto their SSD because that will fill it up reaaaalllllyyyy fast on top of their windows install. But since you have an extra (sizeable) SSD lying around, you can just dump your most played games onto there. Worst case scenario you don't see a benefit...or you fill up your SSD unknowingly and cause it to slow down. At the very least you should be enjoying decreased load times for each level. Just be careful where the save files are located.
  3. +Yes, if you move the page file to the 2nd SSD, it would be fast. With both SSDs and HDDs you can not read, or write two locations on the same drive Simultaneously. problem is performance gain would be to small to notice it.
    On Page file, With 8 gigs or more of Ram I set the Min and max to 1024 mbs, have yet to get an "out of memory error".

    3 out of my four inuse systems have daul SSDs, one for OS +Programs. The 2nd I store the files I most often used. Not a gamer, but if I was, I'd probable store the maps on it, and or store games/programs used the least.
  4. great suggestions!
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  6. If you edit photos or videos you can use the second ssd as a scratch drive.
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