BIOSTAR NV61V Micro AM2 no post/beep/video

Hey folks, just running this through the trenches before i go to troubleshoot for hours on end.

My father has a PC for home security and it all of a sudden just stopped working. no post/beeps/video on startup.

When i turn it on there is power to the PSU and i trie different RAM slots and different RAM. I also tried different video cards.

My question is if it was working one moment and suddenly stopped working, could this be a motherboard issue or something else?
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    i read that if you do not hear any beeps, then it is a mobo and/or psu issue. try changing the psu and isolate the case between the two. good luck!
  2. Boot up without RAMs? Hear any "beeps" sound?

    Last thing you want to try is changing the PSU, if the PC still won't boot up then i'm pretty sure the motherboard is going bad...
  3. thanks fellas, seems it is a motherboard issue!
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