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I'm thinking of building my own PC and I was wondering if all the parts will fit nicely and work well with each other. I was just wondering so I don't go out and buy the parts to come home and the mobo doesnt fit in the case or there isn't enough watts in the power supply to run the hardware. The build I'm thinking about making is...

CPU: AMD Phenom II 955 Black Edition: $188
MOBO: ASUS M4A785TD: $109
RAM: 4G Kit DDR3 1333 G.Skill-NT: $125
GPU: ASUS 896M GTX 260: $225
CASE: Antec Sonata III: $167
PSU: Comes with case

TOTAL: $944

Please post back and help me. Thank you :)
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  1. You got anice configuration there.
    My comment :
    1. Why do you want GTX260? This will belong in the museum very soon. Get something newer like HD5770 or better

    2. Antec Sonata III is nice but might be a little too tight, you might want something a little bigger like Antec 300, 900 or Coolermaster CM690. Thight room might have bad air circulation.
    There is a common standard in mobo size. You don't have to worry about having your mobo not fit into the case.
    What probably won't fit is the new VGA cards for example HD5870.

    3. The PSU from Sonata III is enough for your current configuration, but if you decided to buy HD5850 either single or X-fired. You might want also to get a bigger PSU rating.

    Additional info :
    Have you check :
    This could be a good reference.
  2. Better Build for about the same

    Full Build

    Sony $22

    922 $90 w/ $10 MIR

    5850 and Phenom II x4955 $444

    G SKill Ripjaw DDR3 1600 7-8-7-24 $115

    Hyper 212 Plus and random Floppy $34

    They're paying you money to take the floppy... don't ask

    Modxstream Pro 700 W and Spinpoint F3 500gb $125 w/ $25 MIR

    GIGABYTE GA-790XTA-UD4 $140 w/ $15 MIR

    Total is ~$980 before $50 MIR and Shipping
  3. nice build branthacis i made a build similar for one hundred less but you listed more quality parts. What i dont get is how you (F1) could make such a crap ass build for 948. I could make a crapass build for that much but include an i5 or i7. Your build was just ***!!
  4. @banthracis
    I live in Australia so am I able to buy off of new egg. If not are these parts very common in a PC shop?

    It's my first build and prices in Australia are different then what they are in America. That's why the prices are more. Sorry for not stateing in my OP that I lived in AUS.

    p.s. The closest computer shop that I live near is MSY if newegg isn't available in Aus. My budget is also $1200 AUD
  5. Here is another build that I am thinking about. Please post and give me ideas/thoughts. Thanks :)

    CPU: AMD Phenom II 955 Black Edition 3.2GHz: $188
    MOBO: G-B MA790XTA-UD4: $179
    RAM: 4G Kit DDR3 1600 G.Skill Ripjaws: $139
    GPU: Gigabyte ATI 5770 1GB: $183
    HDD: Hitachi 500GB: $55
    CASE: Antec 900: $129
    PSU: Thermaltake EVO Blue Gaming 650w: $153

    TOTAL: $1058
  6. I will answer the question about newegg :
    Newegg doesn't ship to Ausie..sorry mate!
  7. Thanks guanyu210379. I didn't think that they would ship out to Aus. People please reply to my second build and give me your thoughts/ideas.
  8. Antec 900 is good but perhaps you like also Antec 300 or Coolermaster CM690, which are cheaper.
    You can also consider Coolermaster Elite 330 or other 3xx series which are about 50% cheaper than CM690 (at least here where I live).

    Can you still afford the PSU from Corsair or Antec?

    If you want only to use 1 GPU, you can reduce the PSU to 500W-550W and get a cheaper casing and add the money to HDD. Samsung F3 1TB or Seagate 7200.12 1TB is a better choice.
  9. Yeah I just want the one GPU so I'll get the 550w version. Also what is the difference between the antec 300 and 900?
  10. The difference?
    Price, size, looks.
  11. ok thanks for all of your help. I know now what I will be building. :)
  12. How am I supposed to choose the best answer for this thread? I cant see any buttons anywhere to choose?

    P.S. What games can I expect to play and at what settings/resolution?
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