Best GPU for a small case, small PSU

So this summer I'm planning on buying a half-decent asus 1920x1080 lcd monitor and this small In Win case that comes with a 300watt PSU:

From what I've read, the PSU is fairly decent. I read somewhere that a standard mATX power supply can replace it, though it takes up a bit more room.

I have been planning to buy a Radeon HD 5670 because it seemed like a great card that would not require much power and would stay pretty cool, while still being able to play games that I like (like Team Fortress 2 and Starcraft 2) pretty easily and could handle HD video no problem. I've been thinking of splurging a bit more on the video card, though. I'd still like a cool card that doesn't need much power and something that will fit in this case. I don't mind playing games at lower resolutions, but something about playing TF2 at full 1080p with highest graphics settings just seems like it would be so sweet. If not, 1680 or lower would be fine.

based on this picture of an HD 4830 on an AMD motherboard in this case, it looks like the only limitation is the length of the case or the length of the board. About 9 inches?
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I've been reading around and the HD 5770 seems like a good choice, but I don't know a whole lot about different GPUs and barely anything about the NVIDIA line. It seems like if I want the best power consumption, I'm going to want to go with some of the most current GPUs. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Is there anything on horizon I should be looking out for?

PCCHIPS A15G AMD AM2+ motherboard
AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 4200+ (2.2Ghz)
4GB ram
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  1. I wouldn't trust a 300W PSU with an HD5770. Get an HD5670, especially due to the heat that other cards will output.
  2. Would I be fine with a 512mb or should I get a 1GB card?
  3. the 5670 is too slow to take full advantage of 1GB of RAM
  4. Yeah, just grab a 512MB version.
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