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Setting up iTunes media

Hey guys hopefully someone here can shed some light on my problem.

So I have an ssd as my boot drive along with some frequently used games (cough diablo3 cough). I downloaded my entire music collection, a measely 6gb but now I cannot get itunes to pull the music from my hdd. Whenever I reinstall itunes I can get it to install to my hdd but it puts the itunes library onto the music folder which is tied directly to my ssd.

I have tried going into preferences and setting it to pull the music from the folder on my hdd but nothing happens. I have then tried going into organize library but again nothing. Finally I tried opening itunes with shift held and choosing a library but again the library link I need is placed into the general music folder. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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  1. Go here:

    Footnote: Thank God I don't have to use iTunes as I don't own any Apple devices.
    Don't get me wrong, Apple devices are generally brilliant judging from those I've used belonging to family members, but their iTunes is a mess -- my daughter is always having problems with it.
  2. Unfortunately I have tried doing that as well. When I do it only allows me to select an itunes library file which I have no idea how to properly set up. I have an itunes library file but it is not in the correct place.
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    See if this works:

    1.) Uninstall iTunes
    2.) Reboot pc. Install iTunes to your C: drive.
    3.) Do not let iTunes automatically find your music, just complete the installation and end up with a empty library.
    4.) Close iTunes, which will save your settings.
    5.) Open iTunes, go to File-->Add Folder to Library…
    6.) Select the folder on your HDD that contains your music.
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  5. Dereck, while that did work, I closed itunes and when I reopened it, i again had no music, it seems as though I may have to do this everytime...
  6. That's weird. You shouldn't have to do that every time. What version of Windows do you have?
  7. Windows 7
  8. scratch that, I just closed it an reopened it and it appears to work. Not sure what happened the first time. Oh well, also do you have any idea if there is a tool in itunes that allows duplicate songs to be removed? I thought there was but I cannot remember.
  9. Go to Help-->iTunes Help
    Type "Duplicate" in the search box. It will show you two ways to find duplicate items.
  10. thanks that worked perfectly
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