Fastest 120gb ssd under $140 with shipping

hello, im looking for a big ssd that is fast, I have a budget of $140 CAD including gst and shipping.
What would be the fastest ssd I could get... Im currently looking at the mushkins=whats the difference between the regular mushkin and the deluxe mx or whatever...

Site: Any Canada one

Country: Canada
Budget: $140 with shipping..

What is the fastest 120 gb drive I can get in my budget??????
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  1. hyperx 3k, crucial m4 or any drive with synchronous nand or toggle. i have a mushkin chronos deluxe but im sure they dont have it for 120gb. the regular edition is = to vertex 3 while the deluxe is = to vertex 3 max iops
  2. Check the link

    The 1st one use Synchronous NAND even it is DX but pay attention the Model between 1st (#XXXXXX-MX) and 4th (#XXXXXXXX-DX). The 4th one use Toggle DDR NAND. The 2nd one (regular edition) use Asynchronous NAND which is slow but you would not notice the difference between Asynchronous and Synchronous mode in real world.

    If you are hurry to buy one get either 1st or 2nd, otherwise you just keep an eye on the price of SSD (for example the M4 in USA costs $100) becasue i bought the Mushkins (2nd one) for $140 about 3 month ago, now it fall to $96 in USA.
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