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I recently went in to my BIOS setup on my PC and one of the setting options I was not Familiar with "RAID" I have done some recurch to find out what it means, but in my bios "Storage Options" setting it says "SATA Emulation set to "IDE" should I reset it to "RAID" ??
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  1. No, windows will fail to boot if you do this. RAID needs setup before the OS is installed.
  2. Dose windows run better with RAID and if so how dose one install RAID,
  3. RAID is for redundancy and is mostly used in an business or enterprise environments. Most home users don't need RAID. RAID wasn't designed for performance as much as it was for redundancy (keeping a system running if a drive fails). I don't consider RAID 0 a true RAID as it offers no redundancy at all.
  4. thanks for that info now I will forget I ever heard of RAID (outside of the bug spray LOL)
  5. No problem. It's a nice feature to play with or to just get some experience, but it's quite unnecessary in a home environment. SSD's are so fast that they pretty much made HDD's in RAID 0 obsolete.
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