Newly built system has slowed way down

Over the last week or so, my computer has slowed way down. Not sure what is going on.

Core i7 920 @ stock speeds
6gb corsair dominator @ 1600
c: 3x samsung f1 500 gb in raid 0
d: 3x samsung f1 1 tb in raid 5
Windows 7 Professional

Chrome used to start in a second. Now, it takes 5 seconds to load the browser once I hit the shortcut, and another 4-5 to load the page. Everything else is as slow.

Running Kaspersky IS and Prevx. Scan shows nothing. I have added Spybot S & D which comes up clean. Also ran a malwarebytes which was clean. I have posted a hijackthis log but have not yet received a response.

This is a brand new machine a couple of months old.

Help. What can I try?

Googling for solutions brings up registry cleaners, but I have not uninstalled a ton of software.
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  1. This doesn't seem to be a hardware issue, nor a software issue. I'd hadzard a guess that it's more of how your using the computer. Are you keeping a bunch of data on your boot/app drive? Are you running a lot of programs at the same time? Have you tried setting it so the page file goes to a different drive than your OS?
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