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I was wondering what an ideal temperature is for the cpu both at idle and under load. I don't game but I use photo editing programs. Right now the cpu seems to idle at about 50 C. I'm not sure what the load temp is. Should I strive to get the idle temp down? I am using the stock CPU heat sink.
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  1. It depends on what are you doing and the room temp ambient...
    Idle at 50'C is still acceptable, so what temps did you get on full load?

    I'm beginning to worry when the temps hit 60'C+
  2. I havent really tested it at full load yet. I will do this today.
    Is it not better to get the idle temp down?
  3. Of course it's better to get the idle temp down, but it's all depends on the room temp and how good the airflow inside your case...
    You could buy an aftermarket CPU cooler to get the temp down and add more fan inside your case. :)
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    The core with highest temp on my 750 is 25C during idle at 3.6GHz.

    Although my cooler is much better than yours, idle temps shouldn't differ that much. Get a well ventilated case, such as CM690 II.
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