Changing possible?

i've currently got a g31m-s2l board
on it, 9400gt 1gb, ddr2 800mhz 4gb ram, e7400 core 2 duo 2.8ghz, 250gb + 160gb sata hdd, 20x & 24x dvd-rw drives
its supplied with a 450W PSU
im going to get a new board, along with 4gb ddr3 1333mhz ram
my question is, is the change possible? any possible impact on the gcard or processor?
will i need a new PSU? will it be a healthy pc?
also im getting a 1tb hard drive in place of the 160gb one (7200rpm all) so is a new PSU recommended?
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  1. If you're getting a current gen board with DDR3 memory you'll need a new CPU. You might need a new PSU depending on what board you get and what PSU you have. And seeing as you have the 9400GT, if you want to game I'd get a new GPU for sure.
  2. please no comments on gpu/cpu, thats entirely out of my budget
  3. Let me try this again. If you buy a current generation motherboard and DDR3 ram, you WILL need a new CPU. Your current CPU will not fit on any of the current DDR3 motherboards. Period.

    You could buy an older Socket 775 (S775) board that takes DDR3, but you will see no speed increases making that purchase a waste.
  4. Would a core 2 quad q6600 suffice?
    consider a 6670 purchase in future
  5. No. The Q6600 is the same socket as what you have. If your E7400 won't fit, a Q6600 won't fit either.

    What board are you buying?
  6. Well actually thats the catch, even I don't know.
    All i know is its ASUS/GIGABYTE.
    I think a specific type of socket is used in current gen boards. A heads up on a recommended processor would do as am going to purchase 6670 in the near future.
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    There isn't really a cheap way to do this. If you buy a new motherboard, you'll need new ram and CPU. There isn't any way around this. If you buy an 1156 socket board, you'll need to also buy DDR3 ram and a new CPU. Same if you buy an AM3 socket board as well. If the budget doesn't allow for this, you'll need to keep saving until you find a way to do it.
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