ATI 5850/5870 3D Performance

anyone here have any experience with ATI's 3D performance on the 5850 and/or 5870? What's required to get it set up, other than a 3D monitor? Do i have to buy something like the Nvidia 3d vision kit? Watched my first 3D movie and really interested in gaming in 3D. Would you recommend ATI or should i stick with Nvidia for 3D?
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  1. It relies on implimentation done by a third party. As far as i know nothing is availble yet so its a feature thats just been put in place for future exploitation.
  2. Nvidia 3D only works on , you guessed it, Nvidia cards.
  3. so ati cards currently have no way of displaying 3D?
  4. They do not have a effective, good worthwhile way of using 3D.

    Stick to Eyefinity, or just normal 1 moniter.
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