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My old PC MB finally died so decided time for a complete rebuild. Would like to keep running Windows XP but having much difficulty with the install.

I did try the install after changing the BIOS from AHCI to IDE and it worked, but I would like to have the advantages of AHCI since I plan to upgrade the OS later.

Is it possible to install Win XP on a system with AHCI BIOS? I ask this after spending many hours reading and trying different angles.

I tried slipstreaming the drivers onto a CD but ran into problems. Purchased a /usb floppy drive and though this was the answer but still issues. I think it may come down to finding the right drivers.

The motherboard DVD includes drivers for PCH and PCH 7 systems. I copied the PCH drivers to a floppy and proceeded with the install. Selected F6 to install additional drivers, then S, then installed the floppy when requested.
The drivers listed to select from are all RAID drivers. Is this correct?
Also, there is a list of five drivers. How do I find out which one is correct?

Motherboard - MSI Z77A-G45 - BIOS set to AHCI
Processor - Intel i3 -3220
HDD - Seagate 500GB SATA

Can someone point me in the right direction as far as drivers? Let me know if I need to provide more system info.

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  1. ricklee57,

    Yes. it is possible. I have successfully done it several times, but never on an intel system. The Raid drivers is a little confusing, but they are the ones you will need. It took me days and days to finally get the system working properly, and I had to put them on an older system (with a floppy drive) to install the intel drivers (yes intel drivers on an AMD system). I later cloned the SSD to my newer system. You just have to experiment with the drivers until you can get the system to fire up. Once you get it going, then you can use one of the "driver" programs (I use Driver Genius) to get the proper drivers installed. I finally got the first try to work properly, and on following attempts (I have several computers) it was easy to do.

    I am not a gamer, nor do I run complicated programs, so eventually returned all my systems back to IDE mode. Last one to change was only yesterday. IDE just seems to fire up quicker for me, and I like to see my desktop in under 30 seconds.

    Hope this helps you. I installed all the drivers to be sure I had the right ones.

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