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Gateway Model Number 310 S H (celeron) CPU 2.80 GHz_1.99 GB RAM_Operatiing System Windows XP Home. Attempted to power on but the fan turns slightly and then quits. No POST and I changed the HD out but no post. Placed the original HD back in and changed the power box still no post. DVD also not powering on. Scratching my assumtions.....
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  1. If it's not POST'ing then there's no way it'll be the HDD causing the problem.

    If you've not changed anything inside recently then it sounds like a PSU problem, got another power supply handy you could try in it or one that you could borrow from elsewhere?
  2. Swapped out power supplies. Still no post. Nothing changed inside of the machine. It's used for training for a blind school for there IRS program....Thanks for your time.
  3. This is'nt the IRS it's a school for the blind and they do'nt want to let go of funds for their training program. And I too pay the taxes for the IRS to purchase new units. This facility is a non-profit organization. I swapped out CPU's from a comparable machine but still no-go....I love challenges.
  4. They retrain the low vision and blind individuals for other jobs that may be more suitable to them to help them to be more self sufficient. They have an MCSE program as well as an IRS training program. I thought that the motherboard might be fried but I had to research anyway. Thanks.
  5. It's hard enough to get them to change over to softer toilet paper. LOL
  6. Well you could try reseating the CPU, not much else I can think of at the moment.

    If that doesnt help then my second guess would have to be either the CPU or mobo are fried.
    Worth a try though!
  7. The mother board is fried...Thanks Hope that your 4th was relaxing and everyone still has all of their fingers and toes....
  8. I 86 the mobo and basically rebuilt from the available parts that they have in the boneyard. You were right, the mobo was fried. Another relic still functioning for training use. This old system was'nt to far from from the time when we all comunicated through clicks and grunts.Thanks....
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  10. Thanks for Your help. Have agreat day...
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