Why did my OWC Mercury Extreme Pro die?

hi, I had a 115 OWC Mercury Extreme Pro 3g I bought in March 2011. It just died today and the Macbook Pro 13" (2010) would only display a gray screen (no logo) until I pulled it out of the Data Doubler drive bay.

I inserted the SSD into an external drive enclosure but the drive activity light when connected to a MAC and a PC would be constant red and the drive would not show up under disk utility or computer management(PC).

Do you know what might have happened to this drive and is common with Sandforce drives as I have heard?

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  1. Hard to tell why it died, not uncommon!
  2. Some Sandforce SSDs were shipped with bad firmware that could cause drives to lock-up and become unusable. If this is the case with yours, you can RMA it to have it factory-upgraded by the manufacturer.
  3. I had the drive for 14 months. I definitely noticed it slowed down over time. Even the Blackviper test showed it was down to 80 mb/s read and write. The new Samsung SSD 830 is about 230mb/s r/w on a SATA II mbp 2010.
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