Toshiba satellite a305. Is it a goner?

I have a toshiba Satellite A305-S6916
Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor T6400
Graphics Engine*
ATI® Mobility Radeon™ HD 3650
Graphics Memory*
2302MB total: 512MB DDR discrete memory
4GB PC6400 DDR2 800MHz SDRAM
Hard Drive
320GB HDD (5400rpm)

Okay now it had windows vista for a time but one day out of the blue it decided to stop working, the programs it ran were slow to unresponsive. First started with me trying to burn some data and received a standard I/O Error! through imgburn. Then the programs started to be never respond and when i clicked on some programs the pc just froze.

Okay so i installed windows xp knowing that something was wrong ahead of time. That worked fine until i started to download some online games, then after a while IT became unresponsive and kept giving me a bunch of bsods. I tried reading forums for similar problems and what i got mostly about unresponsive to BSoD problems was a faulty ram. So I did a ram test with memtest and it gave 0 errors. Then i noticed that the display of my video card in the computer wasnt properly even set (It showed as not being installed), so i downloaded the latest drivers for the video card and the computer just froze and then couldnt even start windows.

Since the errors usually start when i have programs downloaded to my PC could it be that the harddrive is the one thats broken? Or is it the mobo?

Also everything seems to work fine (fans, computer lights, no funny noises) for the parts.
Can someone tell me what may/may not be wrong??

Anyway thanks for the help.
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  1. Download HWmonitor and run it in the background while running other programs, post max cpu and gpu temps here.
  2. hi thanks for the response. Basically the computer works fine when i do a format but. There is always some program though that once i open BOOM it just becomes unresponsive.

    It always gives me I/O errors when the pc does freeze. I was googleing and came across most of the I/O errors people had ask had to do with the data being misread (harddrive/CD-Drive/etc). Like i said i ran a ram tester with no errors, so the last thing i decided to check was the harddrive. I ran the command "chkdsk" (i saw someone had mentioned this as a response). And two percent in i got an error.

    So i think its the hard drive that is done. Im not 100% sure though cuz this isnt a pc i can swap parts easily (i wish). So if anyone out there have any clues, can i just trash my current hard drive and get a new one??
    Or is there a possibility that the CPU or MoBo is also busted??
    I dont really wanna buy a new harddrive for the laptop and turns out something else is wrong.

    Although im pretty sure its the harddrive, i mean the pc works fine (surf the net fine, i install some things works great, run programs good, but when i try to install more than 3 or 5 programs and i try to run them or unzip them the computer just freezes over. Anyway thanks for the response.

    Also these are the temperatures of my pc are these:

    They seem pretty normal to me
  3. it shouldnt be hard to take out the hard drive. on my sattelite a665 the is just a cover on the bottom right side. take that off and the hard drive is right there.
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    Temperatures are perfectly fine, it's either the HDD( most likely) or the mobo.

    Try updating the BIOS see if it helps, it it's still the same swap the HDD and cross your fingers it was just that.
  5. hey guys i think i got my problem solved thanks. I ran seagate seatools on the harddrive and i got an error. I have swapped the hard drive for a different one and computer so far is working fine :) so im thinking it was the hard drive. Anyway guys thanks again now i gotta upgrade harddrive seeing as i found only a 40gb to swap xD
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