Article from bit-tech about new Intel sockets

So, it's looking like new sockets out next year, and both 1156 and 1366 are dead.

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  1. This means the LGA1366 socket isn't future proof at all. The only upgrade you'd have is the i7-980X, and that might be on the market in 4-5 years when you *might* need it. Hyperthreading is only useful if the games use it, which they won't. Most games don't use more than two cores right now, so what makes you think they'll use eight threads anytime soon.

    What this really means is that you wasted money buying the 1366 socket and thinking it had any kind of future proof value. Or should I say wasted money buying Intel and thinking it'd have any future proofing...
  2. Meanwhile it may be possible that I could be chugging along with my AM2+ board still.

    I'm glad the good mobos for AMD are like $150, where that's the budget ones for intel, and yet the AMD ones will stick with you longer.
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