Difference between audio output over hdmi ati series 4 and series 5

as far as I can understand ati series 4xx outputs a decoded multichannel audio(PCM)through HDMI.Does series 5xxx bring anything new regarding audio(like passing through the undecoded dts or dd stream) so the AV receiver can do the decoding? thanks
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  1. Why is this important to you? How exactly will you use this info? I just ask to help out anyone else who might want to provide additional info for your question.
  2. I believe the 5000 series can bitstream all DD/DTS formats, but I'm not 100% positive...
  3. "One major milestone is that the Evergreen GPU family supports HDMI 1.3a output. The previous generation R700 family GPUs only support up to LPCM 7.1 audio and no bitstream output support for Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio audio formats to external decoders. This feature is now supported on Evergreen family GPUs."
  4. ^^ What I thought then.
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