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I have a 5870 currently, and I am looking to crossfire now. My real question is what to crossfire with? Obviously another 5870 is the simple choice, but what are my other options? Can you crossfire a 5970 with a 5870? If that is possible it think I'd like to try it. Here is where I stand... i7-920 3.5ghz, Gigabyte EX58-UD5, 750W Antec Truepower PSU, Display at 1920x1080. What is my best option? Thanks for any advice.
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  1. Based on your PSU the best option is another HD5870. That would be a killer setup since a single HD5870 is plenty for your resolution.
  2. That is what I will most likely do, but does anyone know if it is possible to crossfire a 5970 with a 5870? Theoretically it seems possible, however the 5870 would probably down clock to the 5970 if you don't overclock the 59 to the 58 base clock. And with out water cooling most likely pushing the thermal envelope. Thats what I think.
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    yes you can, then you would have tri-fire

    though before you crossfire the 5970 with the 5870, OC the 5970 a bit higher than stock

    though for your resolution, 2 x 5870 should be powerful enough (in my opinion, 1 should be enough)
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