Urgent help plz

i have a strange problem . 5 months ago may vga card 8400 gs stopped working so i let my pc a while and yesterday i bought anew vga card ati 5450 .. when i put it into my pc .. it became strange and the pc is slower than b4 , when i tried openning nfs undercover it crashes however it worked on 8400 gs perfectly .. so i cahnged the vga and bought GT430 Gforce . and the problem still exist.. i bought another ram so the total now is 3 gb of ram and i tried to change powersupply , ram , install a fresh copy of windows without any programs installed and still nothing
i have
intel cor2due 2.4GHZ E6400
motherboard GIGABYTE 945pl-sp3
3 gb ddr2 ram
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Forum! :)

    There are a few 945PL-S http://www.gigabyte.us/search/search.aspx?kw=945PL-S but they ALL are Dual Channel. Which mean unmatched sticks will/may not work properly.

    Remove one of the sticks and see if the problem is corrected, if not then try the other stick.

    Q - What OS and revision?

    Also, I would recommend that you create a bootable Memtest CD/DVD {ISO/zip} http://www.memtest.org/
  2. thx for ur rapid response ... i already tried to test all sticks .. i tried single ram and the double ram . separated and the problem still there

    my os is wndows 7 ultimate
    i already did a memtest and it told me that mem works dual correctly 3 gb :(
  3. Of the selections per 945PL-SXX which exact MOBO + Revision do you have? There's no {945pl-sp3}. I need to review the drivers, BIOS, manual, etc for Win 7.

    Q - Windows 7 {32 or 64-bit} Ultimate?
  4. ok on mobo written :
    intel945pl/ich7/pci-ex16 rev .6.6
    ok but when i used cpu-z program
    it gives me

    chpset intel i945g rev A2

    i have w7 ultimate 32 bit
  5. Wow really long list of drivers - not!

    Let's rule-out, as best as possible, conflicts -> run MSCONFIG, select Diagnostic, save and restart.

    What's the behavior?
  6. lol it gaves me the blus screen :) ...
    i have q .. written on the board specs that it supports up to 2 gb and 667 ddr2 .. is that means a 800 ddr2 won't work ... and 3 gb wont work correctly ?
  7. Manual:
    (Note 1) Enable use of a CoreTM 2 CPU with 1333 MHz FSB through overclocking. You must install the FSB 1333 MHz CoreTM 2 CPU with DDRII 533 (or above) memory module(s).
    (Note 2) To use a DDRII 667 memory module on the motherboard, you must install a 1066/800 MHz FSB processor.
    (Note 3) Some memory configurations will result in memory frequency being reduced from the original frequency. (Please refer to to Page 15 for more information.)

    4 DDRII DIMM memory slots (supports up to 2 GB memory)
    Supports dual channel DDRII 667(Note 2)/533(Note 3)/400 DIMMs
    Supports 1.8V DDRII DIMMs

    REFER TO PAGE 15 for installation configurations.
    Intel E6400 - http://ark.intel.com/Product.aspx?id=27249 = FSB Speed 1066 MHz
    Crucial: Each memory slot can hold DDR2 PC2-5300 with a maximum of 512MB per slot.*
    Therefore, you'll need 4X512MB DDR2 667MHz {max speed} RAM.
    Bottom-line, what a pain in the butt to navigate through the RAM configurations. I would look at getting (2) sets of Crucial CT2KIT6464AA667 DDR2 PC2-5300 • CL=5 • Unbuffered • NON-ECC • DDR2-667 • 1.8V • 64Meg x 64 http://www.crucial.com/search/searchresults.aspx?keywords=CT2KIT6464AA667
  8. so i have a memory problem .. that means only 667 rams will work ... for max 2 gig ?
  9. Yep! :( 667 is the fastest, and yep 4X512MB is the limit...
  10. can i use 2* 1024 ... ? so i can use the dual-channel ability?
  11. jaquith .. i tried operating the pc with only 1024 mb ram 667 .... and guess what .. the problem still exist ....... even i tried playing UK truck simulator the game's frames crashes .... so what iam facing ?
  12. Per the info I looked-up NO, they need to be 512MB per slot "...maximum of 512MB per slot.*"
  13. i used to operate the pc b4 with 2X1024 mb ram ... after while one ram didn't work and i continued with only 1024 ... and the pc works perfectly .. but now i dion't know what happened ...
  14. Since you BIOS/chipset supports 512MB then I'd be a fool to guess, perhaps the irregularity damages the RAM but it's a guess. I tend not to second guess the Manual or specs. Each channel can support 1GB, so the BIOS must have mapped it somehow...
  15. i can't find a logical solution for that problem .. the pc is very well and processor is 01% in idle state and the rams works perfectly ... any game i try to open make crashes and be very slow ... did the previous card that didn't work make damage to the pci-slot ?
  16. I would assume soon as the RAM >512MB gets accessed, which the BIOS cannot cope with, yes a crash is what I would expect.
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