Oops!!! can I fix this?

So i was handling my motherboard by the heatsink attached to the north bridge, not the best idea but all fine and dandy and pretty unlikely for me to esd fry something that way.

but then i attached the cpu/hsf, picked it up the same say and snapped it off.

i removed it from the plastic through board clips and can see it had a bit of hardened stuff that kind of looks like thermal paste but i dont know.

the spring loaded plastic clip things still hold the heatsink down snug but should i attempt to remove the goo? maybe put some new thermal paste down?

im basically in over my head, know how to build a computer but dont feel great making judgement calls

considering the north bridge doesnt get that hot anyway im thinking it should be ok but i dont know
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  1. Apparantly, you could have just said you don't exercise good judgement...

    The northbridge does in fact get hot. There's a reason they attached a heatsink to it. I would at least try reattaching the heatsink with new thermal paste. Then try starting it up. If it doesn't run, you're probably going to have to buy a new motherboard.
  2. everything looking good

    just cleaned the pad and put some new grease on.

    dumb noobie maybe but its a cheap system and at least im not afraid of my hobby!
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