9800GTX/9800+ Cover Removal

Hi Guys
I need to replace the fan on one of my 9800GTX's, it's still under warranty but I have an extra Fan, and I hate to send it back just for a fan, I was wondering if any of you guys could tell me which screws to remove to get the plastic cover off. I see the 3 on the rear of the card that screws into the plastic cover but there are other screws on the back side that I can't tell if they are holding any part of the cover or not. Thx's in Advance.......CHEERS
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  1. PS: This is the one with two 6 pin plugs...
  2. Hey Guys I really need the help could get a green Hand ;)
  3. I have never taken one apart but I would take out the obvious ones and then try to find what is still holding. I imagine there is some flex in the cover.
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