How to disable RAID 0 in Asus BIOS.


I recently found that one of my two hard drives that are currently in a RAID 0 configuration may be on its last leg.
I simply wish to know how to disable the RAID 0 configuration. As I wish to replace the two HDDs with a WD:CB.
Data loss is not a concern seeing as my OS is current installed upon a SSD seperate from the RAID 0 configuration.

If it is any help my MOBO is a ASUS M4A87TD EVO 870 CROSSFIRE DDR3.
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Forum! :)

    You have (2) choices:
    1. Use/purchase a drive imaging software package; I like Norton Ghost {some prefer Acronis True Image} or free Apps -> which I don't use {trust} ;
    2. Transfer the 'critical' data to a temporary HDD, and start from scratch. You never want critical data on any RAID 0 array.

    My best advise {aggravation + cost + time} is to start from scratch.
  2. Thank you for you timely response!

    As I said above, data loss is not a concern.
    Everything critical, including my OS is on a SSD seperate from the RAID config.
    I imply wish to know how I should go about disabling the RAID 0 configuration.
    Or if there is anything I need to do (post-disable) before I insert my new HDD.
  3. Depending on your MOBO the RAID is accessible by either Ctrl-I {I think AMD RAID is Ctrl-F} during BIOS booting or in the Storage Configuration. If the RAID is never going to be used again then yes Deleted/Disable the RAID HDDs.
  4. Right on the money.
    Thanks again jaquith!
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