Freezing on start up/ issues loading programs

Just finished building a new setup and am running into freezing issues when Windows boots. As soon as the desktop pops up the moose will only move around for a few minutes (if any) and then is stuck in the middle of the screen or if it is free to move when startup is done if I open a program it freezes.

I was able to install some programs once when it was not freezing and those wont open or respond once opened (3dMark, Speedfan, Microsoft Security Essentials, Firefox). I also installed Everest and when opened it crashes to a BSOD.

I think their are issues with the Memory. I have switched the slots, set the bios to XMP profile, also reset the bios, booted with just one stick (tried each in both slots). There is also a MemOK feature on the mobo and I dont know if I should be using that at all or how to use it.

This computer has maybe been fully running for an hour or so and mostly in the Bios. My next step is to flash to the most current Bios from ASUS. Any other ideas? Thanks for any help!


Mobo - ASUS P7P55D
CPU - Intel i5 750
Cooler - ZEROtherm Core92
Mem - 4GB OCZ OCZ3X1600R2LV4GK
Video - EVGA GTS 250
PSU - BFG GR-550
Case - Raidmax
HD - WD 500GB
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  1. Dl memtest.

    Run overnight, at least 8 passes.
  2. Oh whats the recommended Voltage on those OCZ? Lots of their current RAM requires high voltages that must be manually set in bios.

    Even after manual setting though, they've still had issues.
  3. I set it to 1.65v I will try running the memtest
  4. Memtest ran for 10 passes and 0 errors. Any ideas?
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