H.I.S. Radeon 5670 or Palit 9800 GT

Hellp people wondering what i should get a H.I.S. Radeon 5670 or Palit 9800 GT?? these are the only two cards that are available where i'm located currently

I got a Aspire M5461
3 GB ram
Core 2 Quad 2.33 GHz
windows 7 home premuim 64 bit
and currently have a crapy Geforce 9300 GE

so what whould it be
H.I.S. Radeon 5670 or Palit 9800 GT??
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  1. The 9800 GT is faster than the HD 5670, so go for the Palit 9800 GT.
  2. Before that, what is your current PSU? brand? model?
  3. 400- 450 watts LITEON model i have to check
  4. you asked the exact same question in the graphics forum

  5. i know i posted it here by mistake
    it was suppose to be on the graphics forum hehehe i just log on here so i didn't know where to go
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