I need help with my cpu temerature warning

i just got a new gaming rig today and the default temperature warning is too low, so every time i start playing a game, my bios starts beeping, an unbearable noise really. i was wondering if anyone could inform me on how to change the temperature at which it starts beeping

thanks, dave!
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  1. you can change it in the bios.
    press delete on the first screen you see
    (some manufactures use different keys like f10, you should be able to see which key it is on that screen)
  2. im sorry for the mistake but i found out that the beeping was not from the bios but from the ultra MD3 12-1 card reader/fan controller.
    thanks for the help anyway fjiekie
  3. Still have that problem?
    You also can disable the fan controller alarm...
  4. Wa1 can you please tell me how to disable it, thanks i could sure use the help
  5. Isn't any option in BIOS to disable it?
    What kind of connector did you use? 3pin(to the mobo) or 4pin(to PSU)?
  6. actually what i ended up doing was taking the thermal sensors and placing them on an empty drive bay, problem solved, thanks for all the help
  7. I would never thinking about that way... :)
    Okay, congratulations.
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