X1650pro agp, red power led.

Hi, does anyone know why the red led beside the power connector come on when playing games? I know it's really outdated but it's been bugging me for some while now.

Specs - P4 3.0 Ghz cpu
1 Gb Pc3200 ram
Asus P4R800- VM m/b
Winpower 650w PSU
1 HDD and 1 DVD ROM

I think my psu isn't up to the job. Before buying a better quality one i thought i would ask first for some feedback.
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  1. An X1650Pro isn't exactly a very demanding card. Perhaps the molex connector you put it on is feeding too many other devices as well.
  2. Not sure, a 650W is plenty for that card. Are you sure the LED only comes on when you play games not when you play a video or anything, and it is on the card. Otherwise I would suggest it's time for a graphics card upgrade not a power supply replacement.
  3. The led becomes brighter when gaming. At the minute i have realplayer, this page and my docs open and the red led is on but half as bright as when playing cod6.
    My case cover is off at the moment so i can see the led. When i'm just surfing the led is very dim, nearly off. It seems to become brighter when it's used hard by a game. Would this be down to a lack of power possibly?
  4. That is really weird, does the X1650 use a four pin Molex xonnector, the plug with 4 round pins each, or a more modern 6-pin PCI-e connector that is a rectangle with 6 pins.
  5. I had 2 Hdd's and 2 DVD ROMS to start with. I disconnected one of each to see if this helped and put the x1650 on it's own but i still have the same result.
  6. The x1650 uses the 4 pin floppy connector aswell as being slotted in the agp slot.
  7. Tell me the manufacterer of the card, maybe their website has documentation. Otherwise I think it's just an activity light.
  8. It's HIS, x1650pro agp 512mb ddr2 ram.
  9. Did you ever have a x1650pro agp card in the past?
  10. No I was till in elementary school, I'm using an PNY Geforce 9400GT for about a year now.
  11. Sorry, the manual of your card makes no mention of the red LED.
  12. I know, Ive tried to find a solution to this problem for quite awhile now with no joy.
    I know in the back of my mind i need a new pc but i can't bring myself to let this one go without exploring all possible avenues of potential upgrades. I will try a new psu first (ocz or corsair) and if there is no difference i'll try a new gpu. Thanks for your help so far and if anyone else has had this problem with the x1650pro agp card in the past or present i'd like to hear from you. Many thanks.
  13. You probably don't need a new PSU because the latest and probably the last AGP graphics card is the Radeon 4650 AGP version and a typical one only requires a 400W PSU, which yours should support. Also if you want to play games give me your mobo's model number and I'll see what I can find about RAM and CPU upgrades to make your system last for a year or more.
  14. hi mr g, m/b is the asus p4r800-vm made for hp version, only 2 ddr ram slots. It can only take 2 sticks of 512 mb pc3200 ddr ram or 2 sticks of 1gb pc2100 ddr ram. I understand what you mean by an activity led but when playing cod mw2 snow missions i find the frame rates really poor and sometimes unplayable to the point where i get an out of memory error. Do you play cod mw2?
  15. I read on some forum that the x1950pro agp card needs at least a 450w psu with 2 molex connectors on the card! Maybe the newer hd cards are less power hungry!!

    As i said earlier, i'll try a new (higher quality) psu before i go onto something else.
  16. Uh, to tell you the truth your X1650 is an outdated card, and is on the minimum requirements of COD: MW2, that means it can but would barely play the game. There are no AGP versions of the new Radeon 5000 series you would need the 4650 I recommended above. The 4650 is a mid-range card but would be able to play most games under medium qualityin lower than HD resolutions. Based off the Asus website you could support 4GB of DDR400 memory, just too nad your chipset is old and it's socket 478. Also try sownloading all the drivers of the download section of the Asus website here.
    Based off of the Asus website you can support these two apex processors of socket 478, not sure if you would want them though.
  17. the led might have nothing to do with lack of power or anything being wrong with the card.... I too think it is just an activity led, and if it was anything important, one would think they would have mentioned it in the manual. :)

    but pls dont 'upgrade' any one (or two) part on that pc, it just isn't worth it... thou you can reuse the new psu in a completely new rig if you choose to buy one now :P
  18. i checked out your links Mr g, thanks for that.
    the m/b isn't exactly like the one on the asus webite. mine was made only for hp and they call it the cooper m/b.
    i agree that there isn't much point in throwing money at an aged pc.
    i 'm still going to try a new psu, as kari said i can always use it in my new build if things don't improve.
  19. Just to finish this post i'll give my update.

    My PSU failed about 2 weeks ago, horrible burning smell and pc wouldn't do anything when the power button was pressed.
    I put my old 200w matx psu in to get things going again and bought a new 700W ocz.
    Tried the new PSU and kept an eye on the led by the power connector on the X1650 while playing cod6 and it never came on at all. Frame rates were still pretty poor so i still think my burn't out PSU wasn't up to the job of running the x1650.

    I still have my old S478 as a backup and have built a new/used S775 core2duo pc.

    Thanks for all the advice and i'll see you again.
  20. thanks for the update
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