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Windows xp bsod after running windows defender offline PLZ HELP!!!

January 5, 2013 4:57:04 PM

I was recommended to download windows defender offline to check my computer for viruses. Installation went fine on the iso option, managed to burn it to the disk, rebooted my computer. The quick scan then started automatically. After it finished it found 1 threat which I quarentined with an alert level of medium (is medium bad to have on your computer?). The name of the threat was Adware: Win32/OpenCandy

The threat was in the folder c:\documents and settings\mums (user)\Application Data\OpenCandy

The file that the threat was in was c:\documents and settings\mums (user)\Application Data\OpenCandy\OpenCandy_71F03343CB0B432CBAA823760A1A8BSD\LatestDL.Mgr.exe

Then I decided to finish it there and so a full scan later (good job I did). When I booted into windows the BSOD came up just after the windows xp splah screen (logo) disapeared. I can't possibly be anythiing else. I noticed the so-called "threat" that part of the file name said Win32. I know that system32 is a very important folder. But I'm not sure if it is related to sys32 because it says "Win32" and the folder where the "threat" is, is in the user's folder.

Anyway I managed to boot up into safe mode with no problems so I could ask this question. I haven't tried restoring the quarentined item yet because I'm thinking there may be a solution to my problem without restoring the threat. I want to do a full scan, but I'm not going to at the moment because it may find more threats and it may cause further problems to my computer if I quarentine them and I won't know which ones are causing the problems.

What could possibly be going on here?????????