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I jsut recently purchased and built my new system and for the life of me I can't figure out why Ia m getting such lag time. When clicking start menu, opening internet browsers its like I am running a p3.

My specs are
AMD Phenom II x4 955
4 GB OCZ 10666 ram
ASUS m4a89gtd pro MB
465 W PS
graphics are onboard

I have reinstalled windows XP twice now, checked my bios though I may have missed something, there is no virus or spyware as it is brand new and has been doing it since 1st second.
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  1. What are your idle/load CPU temps? It's possible your CPU is overheating and throttling to a slower speed to prevent damage to the CPU.

    What PSU do you have? A low-end PSU will cause all sorts of problems.
  2. I had this same problem when I installed my C3 stepped 955 BE CPU. My BIOS was underclocking it to a x4 multiplier.

    This is most likely the same cause for you, check your BIOS as well as windows based programs like CPUID, AMD Overdrive etc etc.

    See what your clock is, like I said mine was 800 MHz.

    I was required to flash my BIOS then it worked fine.

    First thing to do is check what your actual clock speed is, then flash the bios if its anything less than 3.2 GHz.
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