Samsung 2233RZ doesn't work

I just bought a Samsung 2233rz off of newegg this week, and am having trouble getting it to work. During the boot process, it shows nothing but a black screen(the blue LED at the bottom of the screen just flashes) so I have to guess at when my bootloader is ready and arrow down until I get to what I think should be Win7 and hit enter. The first display I get is the logon screen, and after that the highest res supported is 1024x768. I've installed the Samsung drivers, as well as tried the windows drivers, I've also rolled back from the newer 197.13 nvidia drivers to around 191 and it won't go above that res and 60hz. Is there something I'm missing?

On a side note, yes I am using the dual-link dvi cable that came with the monitor, it has the proper amount of pins.

I'm using WIndows 7 Ultimate
ASUS CRosshair 2 Formula
BFG Tech GTX 260 Maxcore (has dual-link dvi output)

Any help would be appreciated, hopefully it's just something simple like an incompatibility with Windows 7, I would really like to get this monitor working. Thanks.
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  1. The Samsung drivers are for VGA at least that's what I got from their website. Hope it helps it would suck if your brand new expensive 3d display crapped out.
  2. I've tried the drivers that came on the CD, which are the TFT drivers. I've also tried automatic updating from Microsoft, which uses a generic PnP display driver, and also tried downloading the drivers from Samsung. None of which work, I still experience the same problems. I don't think the monitor is defective, all the self tests work, but a driver issue still doesn't explain why I wouldn't have display during the boot process.
  3. Does the Nvidia contol panel recognize the display with its specific model number and the like?
  4. no, actually the nvidia panel reports it as "Samsung Digital Display". Though, in device manager it lists it as the Samsung 2233RZ.
  5. On my pc the control panel recognized my Samsung Syncmaster. Does the display work if you connect it with VGA?
  6. it's not a vga capable monitor. they're dvi-dl only.
  7. Have you contacted Samsung about his, because all modern displays, connected with any cable will show the POST screen on boot. If this doen't this might be a defective display.
  8. that's what i thought. i have contacted samsung and they couldn't help me, transferred to the tech dept, they didn't know what was wrong either. i was supposed to get a call today about it but i have yet to receive it. i think ill just rma it to newegg for a refund and get another one and see what happens. thanks for your help, ill repost here if and when i get a solution.
  9. Did you used the DVI cable sold with the Samsung ? If you use a simple dvi cable you would not be able to use your screen with 120Hz.
  10. I mentioned whether I was or not in the first post. It was a defective monitor, I just got it back on Friday and it works fine. Samsung didn't tell me what was actually wrong with it though. Thanks.
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