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Is it possible to set up a (preferrably hidden) service or background process that automatically and frequently (directly upon each startup and/or shutdown, once every few minutes, hours, days or weeks, ...) reports network information such as external IP number along with all possible information regarding its local and global (wired and wireless) network to some server or remote computer, either by email or any other means?

Information that would be interesting would be information such as the name of ISP, gateway, name & brand of router, name of wireless network, encryption information with WEP/WPA keys, information and name about other computers and/or connected to the local network, USB devices, bluetooth devices, GPS and GPS coordinates. Pretty much any information that would be useful for tracing should my computer be stolen.

Is such software available for; Windows, FreeBSD, Linux and/or OpenSolaris?
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  1. Have you looked into solutions like Prey?
  2. Thank you for your reply, this is exactly what I was looking for. I hope it also reports the WEP/WPA keys if the thief is so stupid that he tries to configure the computer for his encrypted WiFi network. I also hope it logs all passwords and other sensitive information so that I can whip his bony ass for good.
  3. I wouldn't presume that it will gather all those details.
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