Hard drive and win 7 ultimate

i was going to upgrade to a new pc but £1000,for m/board, g/card, new mem,i7 cpu,1.5tb hard drive,psu....it was a toss up between florida three weeks or this upgrade,,well , orlando won..anyway been lookin on ebay for new 1.5tb and fell in love with win 7..thing is ,,theres some great prices on ebay for win 7 ultimate from about £100--£150.and the hard drive weston digital 1.5tb,about £90 the green one,you know.well just been sent email from ebay telling me they have cancelled one bid for win 7 ultimate because they dont trust the supplier.this gives me very little confidence in ebay which i told them so.anyway im asking tomshardware members if they could recommend-----hard drive 1.5tb or whatever,and win7 ultimate.sorry if ive blabed on a bit ..Phil.
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